Transition Year


The Transition Year (TY) is a one-year programme taken after Junior Cycle and before the two-year Leaving Certificate programme. It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate programmes. A Transition Year offers pupils a broad educational experience with a view to the attainment of increased maturity, before proceeding to further study and/or vocational preparation. It also provides an opportunity for pupils to reflect on develop an awareness of the value of education and training in preparing them for the ever-changing demands of the adult world of work and relationships.



Mission Statement

"To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society." (T.Y. Programme Guidelines For Schools>)

The aims

  • Education for maturity with emphasis on social awareness and increased social competence.
  • Education through experience of ADULT and WORKING LIFE as a basis for personal development and maturity.
  • Promotion of general, technical and academic SKILLS with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning.

The objectives

  • To establish realistic educational, occupational and life ambition.
  • To help bridge the gap between junior cert and leaving cert.
  • To develop social skills required for life.
  • To assist students take responsibility for their own learning through developing self-directed learning skills.
  • To learn skills to cope with the demand of life which are not encountered in the present senior cycle curriculum.
  • To develop inter-personal and communication skills.
  • To afford the opportunity for physical, leisure, cultural and spiritual development.
  • To experience a year where the emphasis will be on individual responsibility and nurturing of thinking, caring, articulate and self-confident people.