Maths Week – PRISM School competition winners

The school held the PRISM Maths School competition on Thursday 17th October 2013. 

PRISM is an annual contest for second level mathematics students. It is run in the hope of encouraging students to develop their interest in mathematical problem solving and in mathematics in general.

The contest takes the form of a 1 hour exam paper that is invigilated by each participating school – there are separate papers for junior cycle student and senior cycle students. To maintain the integrity of the contest, we insist that all schools must run the contest on the same day.

Mount Mercy PRISM Junior Competition Winners
1st Julie Nunan
2nd Olivia Savage

Mount Mercy PRISM Senior Competition Winners
1st Grainne Cowhig
2nd Aoife Coffey


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Maths Week! Second Year Table Quiz

On Wednesday 16th October all second year students took part in our annual table quiz for Maths Week.  It was a great event and the students as always were very busy in their teams solving mathematical problems.  This year the leading table was very close with up to 6 tables in the running for 1st and 2nd place up to the second last round. 

The winning teams were –

Second Year Table Quiz Winners
Fiona O’Sullivan
Fionnuir O’Sullivan
Melva O’Sullivan

2nd Place
Molly O’Connor
Aoife O’Donoghue
Anne O’Farrell


Comhairle na Nóg

Comhairle na Nóg

On Tuesday the 18th of October, 12 TY students went to City Hall to Comhairle na Nóg’s information day. There were many schools present at City Hall and there were members of Comhairle na Nóg interviewing us about what we thought Comhairle na Nóg was about.

Comhairle na Nóg means ‘Youth Council’ in English. It is one of the fewest council’s in Ireland. Their aim is to improve facilities for the youth of Cork and also provide youths with certain information. At the end of the day a couple of the girls signed up to become members of Comhairle na Nóg.

The 12 girls all agreed that it was an informative day and have gained a lot of insight on the lack of facilities and information provided to youths.

Cheerio’s Childline Breakfast

Cheerio’s Childline Breakfast

After plenty of preparation and hard work, the Cheerio’s Childline Breakfast took place on the 15th October 2013. There was a great deal of behind the scenes work in the two weeks leading up to the event.

The Committee and Ms. O’Mahony contacted many local stores in the hopes of gaining their much- appreciated support. There were 18 Transition Year students on the Committee, chosen by lottery.

As Cllrs. John Buttimer and Brian Bermingham had last-minute engagements, the Committee and Ms. O’Mahony were pleased to have Cllr. Mary Shields and Cllr. Henry Cremin in attendance. It was a great privilege to have local politicians attend the function.

The breakfast was a successful event on the day, with plenty of students and staff present. In the previous year, €530 was raised overall, and this year that amount has been surpassed, with the final total yet to be confirmed as donations are still being forwarded.

School Library Now Open

 The school library is now open at Big Lunch from 1pm to 1:30pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
    There is a wide variety of books and DVDs available. Mount Mercy College’s Library has one of the largest teen/young adult fiction sections in Cork City. If you are not a fan of fiction then you can choose from non-fiction, autobiographies, magazines, history, the sciences and a dozen other categories. This includes titles like ‘Girl Missing’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘National Geographic’.
    Special Events: Throughout the year the Library Team will be hosting and promoting special events such as Raffles, Special Draws for borrowers, Book Quizzes, a World Book Day Fancy Dress Competition and promoting the M.S. Readathon.
  Also, the Transition Year Librarians are in charge of a ‘Highly Recommended’ table to promote both well known titles and some books that have not received the recognition they deserve.
  These events will be announced on the intercom as they occur.
  We hope to see you there soon.