On 6th December, 1st year students of German celebrated Nikolaustag (Nicholas Day) by singing Christmas carols in German (‘Stille Nacht’ – ‘Silent night’ and ‘O Tannenbaum’- ‘Oh Christmas Tree’), speaking in German, enjoying a presentation about Christmas in Germany and receiving surprise socks filled with seasonal treats including festive chocolates, traditional decorations (‘Strohsterne’ – straw stars) and a chocolate Weihnachtsmann (Father Christmas). Each sock contained a fun badge with a German word such as ‘Liebe’ (love), ‘Deutsch’ (German), ‘Schatz’ (darling), ‘Hallo!’ (Hello), ‘ Nein! ‘ (No!) and ‘Quatsch!’ (Nonsense!).

It is traditional in Germany for children to put their boots or socks outside the door on the evening of 5th December, the eve of Nikolaustag. St Nikolaus visits during the night and fills the sock or boot with small gifts such as chocolates, sweets, nuts, mandarins and small toys for children who have been ‘brav’ (well behaved). For those who have been ‘böse’ (less than well behaved) tradition states that Knecht Ruprecht (the helper of St Nikolaus) fills the boot or sock with twigs or a rod! Luckily all our 1st year students have clearly behaved wonderfully all year as no twigs were found in any socks!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas! Fröhliche Weihnachten!



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Leaving Cert students also celebrated Nikolaustag, each receiving a small token of festive treats.

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MMC Camogie U16 team through to the semi-final

On November 29th 2013, Mount Mercy’s U16 Camogie team defeated Borrisoleigh in the quarter final of the Munster Championship. The match finished up 6-18 to 4-2. All the girls gave an excellent performance on the day. They will now play in the Munster semi-final on Thursday 12th of December. The girls have qualified for the County Final against Carrigaline.

MMC welcomes the Deutschmobil 6th November 2013

MMC welcomes the Deutschmobil  6th November 2013

On Wednesday, 6th November, we were delighted to welcome the Deutschmobil to our school. This is an initiative organised by the Goethe Institute in Dublin and the ‘German Connects’ campaign. Miriam and Maria, representatives from the Goethe Institute, provided very impressive, fun-filled, stimulating and highly informative taster lessons in German to Leaving Cert, 2nd year and 1st year students of German. Themes explored included third level college courses involving German, a trip through Berlin, Christmas in Germany and a trip around Germany. The lessons were completely interactive involving practical oral exercises, make and do activities, music, card games, colourful resources and visual displays, jigsaws, question and answer sessions, and role-play activities. This was a very special opportunity for our students of German to further both their linguistic skills and cultural awareness in a fun-filled learning environment. We are very grateful to the native German speakers for their excellent contribution to teaching and learning of German in our school.

Here are some comments from our 1st year students who greatly enjoyed a lesson about Christmas in Germany …
“I really enjoyed listening to the different types of German carols”
“I learned how to make a traditional German Christmas tree decoration.”
“I learned that the word ‘Duft’ means the smell of cookies”
“I enjoyed the people who came here … it was really cool the way I talked to her about Köln (Cologne)”
“I really enjoyed the paper star making”
“I really enjoyed looking through the German book to write down my Christmas list”
“I learned how to say animal names in German”
“I learned how to say ‘Christmas’ in German”
“I learned that ‘crib’ is ‘Krippe’ in German”
“I learned that Germans cook a lot of cookies in Germany for Christmas”
“I enjoyed learning new words to do with Christmas”
“I learned how to do origami”
“I really enjoyed it because it was something new and different and I learned a lot and it was fun spending time with my friends”
“I enjoyed matching the Christmas words and pictures and getting chocolate from the Advent calendar”

Here are some comments from 2nd year students who enjoyed a lesson entitled ‘A trip around Germany’:
“In today’s class we travelled to Germany (not physically!). We began with modes of transport – das Auto (car), das Flugzeug (plane) and der Bus (bus). After we wrote on a (paper) suitcase what we would bring e.g. Das Buch (book), die Schuhe (shoes) and die Brille (glasses). Thirdly, we decided on a few places we’d like to go – there was a lovely map at the back of the room with pictures of different places e.g the famous castle ‘Neuschwanstein’. Lastly, we role-played the shopkeeper and customer in the shop with pretend German foods e.g. Müsli and  Brot (bread) and pretend money (Geld) and even a basket. I really enjoyed today’s class and would love to take part in more!”
“Throughout the 40 minute period the 2 girls walked around and interacted with us. The lesson was very interesting and fun at the same time. This helped me to learn about Germany in a fun way!”

“We played a card game matching two cards”
“The instructors were very nice”
“The class was really interesting and I could learn German in a fun way. At the end, we were given notepads and a badge written in German. I chose ‘Na,und?’ Meaning ‘so what?’. I’m really happy we were visited by the Goethe institute …. It was a fun class and I definitely learned new things and it was nice to hear native Germans speak in their accents”

Some words from our Leaving cert students who explored 3rd level options involving German as well as  taking part in an interactive lesson about Berlin:
“I enjoyed  learning more about the German culture and the different aspects of Berlin evident throughout the presentation”
“It was interesting to see all the different courses in colleges which include German and learning about Berlin was good because I’ve never been there before”

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