Parents Association Meeting 21 January 2014 Agenda

Parents Association Meeting – January 21st 2014


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Status
  • Updates provided by Principal
  • Action Items from Previous Meeting
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Upcoming Events
    • 1st Year Sponsored Walk April 11th (Sports Hall fund raising)
    • Bag Packing TBD
  • Any Other Business
  • Next meeting (Feb 28th / March 11th )


Updates provided by Principal

  • Apologies and Happy New Year
  • Thanks from Board for generosity of voluntary contributions
  • Sports Hall – will be traditional building, cost will be in excess of €1million
  • Incoming 1st Year Information Evening January 30th, Tour of School February 6th
  • Annual T.Y. School Musical February 10th to 13th
  • Díograis Awards March 11th
  • Uniform Survey in progress – as requested by Minister for Education and Skills
  • Any suggestions for fund-raising for Sports Hall


Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Purchasing mugs & microwaves
    • No need, slight issue with microwaves
  • Student council attending meeting
    • Yes – next meeting (hopefully)
  • iPads in other years
    • Plan to start in Transition Year Sept 2014
  • Supervision of sports at lunchtime
  • Computer Room
    • 15 PCs & Screens from UCC, still in progress
  • School Uniform
    • Jumper – Finns confirmed this will be the type of jumper used from now on
    • Windbreaker – sample provided, feedback
  • Parents Association Page on school web site

Parents Association Winter/Spring 2013/2014 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I hope this Winter/Spring newsletter finds you all well.  I am writing to you on behalf of Mount Mercy Parent’s Association to update you on a variety of issues.



A sincere Thank You to all parents who donate €2 on our Non-Uniform Days.  Our Non-Uniform Days, 6 per year, and bag-packing, are our main fundraising ventures each year.  I would like to explain how our Parents Association Non-Uniform Days operate for any parent who is new to the school.  On our Non-Uniform Day every girl who donates €2 on your behalf is given a raffle ticket for a draw on that day, and two €20 vouchers for the Wilton Shopping Centre are raffled on each Non-Uniform Day by the Parent’s Association.  The Deputy Principal and the teachers kindly collect the money for us during first class.  The money is then counted and banked by our Treasurer in the MMC Parent’s Association account in A.I.B.  The October and November Non-Uniform Days collected €1,816.   These funds are held in in this account on your behalf, for spending on an area which is of direct benefit to your Daughters.

There will be a Bag-Packing fundraiser shortly after Easter, your help would be greatly appreciated as this can be a very successful fundraiser.   Once we have a firm date we’ll let you know.

Second Computer Room

The project agreed at the Parents Association AGM this year was to help equip a second Computer Room.  To no-one’s surprise the current computer room is the school is currently overbooked on a regular basis so a second computer room will be of great benefit you the students.    Each room will have 25 to 30 PCs.    To facilitate the increased load on the school network a second fibre broadband connection has already been installed for the exclusive use of the two Computer Rooms.  This will provide a significant improvement for both Computer Rooms for classes such as the ECDL.

UCC is currently in the process of donating a significant number of used PCs.  Once those have been received the Parents Association will provide funding towards completing the equipping of the second Computer Room.    Ideally all the PCs in a computer room would be identical which simplifies the maintenance of them, so individual PC donations would not be suitable.  If you are aware of any large company who might be willing to donate a large quantity (15+) of 3 to 4 year old PCs please let the school know (email


First Year Gathering & Mad Hatter Quiz Night

Great fun was had by the First Years and their parents at the First Year Mad Hatter Quiz Night held in November.   A great night was had by all who attended, with copious amounts of chocolate consumed!   The large amount of chocolate may explain why it was such an energetic, loud and lively evening.

We are very grateful to our excellent quizmaster, John Coulter, who gave so generously of his time on the night.



School Library

The school library is always eager to enhance its collection, so if you have any books in good condition suitable for 12 to 18 year olds please send them into the school.  The more the merrier.

Parents Information

The National Parents Council Post Primary regularly sends its newsletters to our Parents Association.  These can be accessed from their website   Some articles can be very informative, and their website has a wide range of information on topics such as Anti-Bullying and the weight of school bags.

Next Meeting

Our next Parents Association will be held on Tuesday 21st January at 8pm.   All parents are more than welcome to attend.   All Parents Association meetings are completely open.  We will also be posting the minutes of the meetings on the Mount Mercy website in the near future.



Richard Cronin

Parents Association Meeting 26 November 2013 Agenda

Parents Association Meeting – November 26th 2013


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Status
  • Updates provided by Principal
  • Action Items from Previous Meeting
  • Upcoming
    • Bag Packing – will be around/after Easter in Dunne’s
  • Any Other Business
  • Next meeting (January 14th/21st/28th?)


Updates provided by Principal

  • Staff & Student Cake Sales raised €2000 for Philippines
  • Sports Hall – Peter Murphy of Frank Murphy & Partners working on planning application
  • PT meetings held for 3rd and 6th Years
  • 1st Year “Angels” night going ahead
  • To be confirmed:  12th December will be a Staff Training Day, Study day for 3rd and 6th.
  • Hope to have 1st year and 5th year PT meetings after Christmas, then 2nd year, then TY, depending on ASTI outcome
  • D. Awards to be held after Christmas
  • Library – donations of suitable books would be appreciated


Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Recap of 1st Year Quiz Night
  • Sports Hall Feedback request via email & Facebook
  • Parents Association Page on school web site
  • Computer Room Requirements
    • School has site licence for Microsoft Office and other required software
    • If second hand PCs would need to be in a large batch for ease of maintenance.  UCC might be donating some, TBD.
    • Flexible with regards to NCTE Framework
    • 17 PCs required (25 to 30 per room), estimate cost of €600 per PC+LCD, total €10,200


Parents Association AGM 15 Oct 2013

Mount Mercy Parents Association

Minutes of AGM 15/10/2013

Present: Gill Fives, Bríd Higgison, Richard Cronin, Mary Healy, Catherine O Connor, Rosaleen Fitzgerald, Aileen Coleman, Rudy De Groor, Brian Shanahan, Caroline Mc Namara, Orla Mc Carthy, Ruth Mc Donnell, Catherine Buckley, Anne Collins, C Mc Namara, Ann O Sullivan, Sandra Duff, Jackie Crowley in attendance.

Apologies: Principal Padraigin Uí Riordáin, Sheila Rooney, Clare Hatcher

Welcome to all by Chairperson Bríd Higgison

Bríd read a statement from Principal Padraigin Uí Riordáin in lieu of her absence due to ASTI restrictions.  Statement included information as follows:

  • Parent Teacher meetings to be rescheduled, may need to be undertaken during school hours, priority to be given to exam yrs and 1st yrs.
  • Thanked the outgoing Parents Association for all the projects undertaken in 2012-2013 school year.
  • Information re the building fund which is now 200,000 euro.  Engineer has been appointed.  It will facilitate all sports and will also allow the present gym to become a canteen facility.
  • Second dedicated computer centre needed in the school and Parents Associations help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Welcomed all to the meeting and thanked all who attended. Tea provided by the BOM with thanks.

Bríd gave a brief talk about how the Parents Association meetings run which includes: meetings/notifications/no uniform days and review of policies when required (anti-bullying policy up for review before Easter)

Reading of minutes from previous meeting 01/10, same accepted.

Update by Bríd re 1st Year Quiz

  • Parent of a 1st year to take on role of quizmaster
  • Quiz to be held on Wednesday Nov 13th at 7.30pm
  • Flyer to be sent to parents with sign-off to increase awareness of night
  • Volunteers confirmed to help out on the night

BAG PACK has been confirmed for after Christmas.


TREASURES REPORT was given by Treasurer Catherine O Connor.

Catherine requested volunteers to count money on No Uniform Days.

Ceist Audit is carried out on P/A accounts every year.   


  • Chairperson: Richard Cronin, nominated by Bríd Higgison, seconded by Gill Fives
  • Secretary:  Jackie Crowley with support from Mary Healy, nominated by Bríd and  seconded by Catherine
  • Treasurer: Catherine O Connor will continue in role

There was an informal talk re computer room.  Richard is to meet with Principal to get more information re computers needed etc for next meeting.  Funding for computers needs to be explored


NORMAN COLEMAN from the BOM gave a talk re the Sports Hall Complex.  Norman is a member of the Sports Complex Finance Committee.

  • Thanked P/A for funds made from the Donal Skeehan Cookery Fundraiser and from the Tax Initiative.
  • Confirmed that engineer has being appointed to the project, Frank Murphy and partners.
  • Talked about involving the students and parents while deciding what hall is to be used for. Parents Association to send out letter to all parents to seek their views/ideas
  • There will be events organised during the school year to raise further funds for complex.
  • There was an open discussion with all present at the AGM about the Sports complex and what its uses should be.

Next Parents Association meeting is confirmed for Tuesday 26th November

UCC German Department visit


On Friday 17th January we were delighted to welcome Siobhan Mortell, College Language Teacher and Schools Liaison Officer for the German Department, University College Cork. Siobhan gave an excellent presentation to our Leaving Cert, 5th year and Transition Year students of German. She outlined all third level course options available in UCC which involve the study of German, whilst highlighting the benefits of language learning and answering all questions from our students with great expertise. She underlined the attraction for employers of language graduates as well as the benefits of the potential year of study at a German university. Each student received a set of detailed informative handouts prepared by Siobhan. These will enable students to make the best choices for themselves should they wish to contemplate studying German in UCC in the future. Sincere thanks to Siobhan for her visit which was very well received and greatly appreciated by our students.

For more information regarding studying German at UCC, visit the website: