German Movie at Cork Film Fest November 2015

On Tuesday the 10th November 2015, senior MMC students of German attended a special schools’ screening of the German movie “Elser – 13 Minutes” at the Gate cinema in Cork city as part of the Cork Film Fest. This 2015 movie, directed by “Downfall” director Oliver Hirschbiegel, is based on true events.


Georg Elser was a carpenter who tried to assassinate Hitler during his address to a Nazi Party meeting in 1939. However, due to a 13-minute mistiming of a time-bomb, the assassination attempt failed. Elser was subsequently arrested, interrogated and tortured. Through torture, he presented the motivation which led to such drastic action.

Elser 13 minutes (German: Elser – Er hätte die Welt verändert)
Release dates: February 2015 (Berlin), 9 April 2015 (Germany)
Running time: 114 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German
Screened at 65th Berlin International Film Festival