Cork Film Fest German Movie 2016

On the 16th November 2016, Mount Mercy College Transition Year, 5th Year and 6th Year students of German attended the Cork Film Fest Schools Screening of the German movie ‘Charlene macht Schluss’ (‘About A Girl’). This movie encompasses themes of love, family, friendship, coming of age, death and ultimately hope in a sensitive and highly evocative manner.



Festivals: Rio de Janeiro 2014, Gijón 2014, Cleveland 2015, BUFF Malmö 2015, Stockholm Junior 2015, Dallas 2015, Zlín 2015

Awards: Enfants Terribles Award Best Feature film (over 13) Gijon 2014, Bavarian Film Prize 2014 (Best Upcoming Actress: Jasna Fritzi )

Director: Mark Monheim
Germany 2014
Recommended age: 15+
Subtitled drama
104 minutes