Biodiversity Habitat Walk at Mount Mercy

Green Schools Announcement

In February 2017 the Mount Mercy Green Schools Team conducted a habitat walk throughout our school grounds. The team charted and noted the variety of species and life forms currently thriving in our school environment on a habitat map. Observing the flora and fauna within our immediate environment proved to be an interesting and eye-opening experience. It further draws attention to the need to always support and protect the nature around us, just as it protects us.

Green Schools Team, Spring Habitat Walk. Green Schools committee members – students and teachers. Teachers far left Mr O Sullivan, Ms Loftus & far right: Ms Fitzgerald & Ms Cotter.

Mount Mercy is home to a great variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and wildlife, both native and non-native. Native species we observed included oak, ash, beech and hawthorn trees, the red robin shrub, heathers and ivy. Native wildlife including a variety of birds such as robins, wagtails and crows, insects, spiders, rabbits and a fox are to be seen within our school grounds. Our native Irish wildflower patch contains ox-eye daisies, corn poppies, cornflowers and corn marigolds which should bloom once more in the summer months, as well as 2 bug hotels which presented cobwebs and therefore evidence of life.

Trees, shrubs, plants and flowers are carefully tended at Mount Mercy. Hanging baskets and potted plants also thrive here. A visually attractive and well maintained natural environment works in tandem with Mount Mercy College’s supportive approach to the protection and encouragement of biodiversity.

An increased awareness of biodiversity has been raised within Mount Mercy through various means including poster campaigns, whole school announcements, information sessions and cross-curricular activity. We understand that biodiversity is important for all human wellbeing. Supporting biodiversity protects clean air and water, fertile soil, bountiful seas and a safe climate. Some practical suggestions for you to support biodiversity include:
– continue to walk or cycle to school instead of travelling by car
– continue to conserve energy at home and at school
– reduce use of pesticides on your lawn
– plant native Irish wildflowers in your garden
– reduce, reuse and recycle
– composting
– buy organic food
– use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Mount Mercy supports, protects and encourages biodiversity because there is no Planet B!