German Play at Mount Mercy 2018

All German classes from 1st to 6th year enjoyed a wonderful German play on 24th April 2018. The comical play entitled ‘Hausarrest’ (‘Grounded’) was brilliantly acted by native German speaking actors Malin Uschkureit and Sahin Sezgin. The UK-based theatre company Onatti Productions produced the play and it has toured schools throughout the UK and Ireland.

The German language is used throughout the play. Students follow the storyline and enjoy the play due to the combined use of clearly spoken language and accurate depiction of the storyline through actions, gestures and sentiments. Audience involvement and student participation serve to add to the fun.

After a parent teaching meeting at Finn’s school, his mother comes home angry and disappointed. She grounds Finn and then goes out, leaving Finn with household tasks to fulfil. Finn invites Kirstin to the houses, but meanwhile his girlfriend Christina appears. He finds he cannot make Christina leave, which results in his efforts to prevent them from seeing each other in order to avoid an embarrassing situation! Then, to make matters worse, a third girl arrives…….

Thanks to German actors Malin Uschkureit & Sahin Sezgin for their fun-filled performance