Mount Mercy 5 Km

A big thank you to everybody who took part in our school 5km.

It was a great sucess and the funds raised will go towards our sportshall fund.

A special thank you to our sponsors and to all who helped to coordinate the event.


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Easter Rising Commermoration

On Wednesday 16th of March, Mount Mercy College commemorated the 1916 Easter Rising. It was a day intended to commemorate the events of the Rising in Dublin and Cork and we also wanted to make sure that Ireland of 1916 came alive for the students. Four classrooms were taken over and the students of Mount Mercy were transported back to Sackville Street 1916.
On the day the students were welcomed by TY students in period costume and were shown a short clip from a documentary on the Rising. Students were then given a short lecture by Aislinn Keane McCarthy about a glass window in the Honan Chapel in UCC which was part of the GPO during Easter week. There were also projects on topics ranging from music and cinema in 1916 to the contribution of Tadgh Barry and the Volunteers in Cork. Artefacts including medals from the War of Independence and the First World War, a British Army bayonet, a gun from the War of Independence and a cheque signed by Patrick Pearse were all kindly donated to our museum by staff and students. There were also wonderful pieces of art from the art department which included portraits of Countess Markievicz, the seven signatories, the burning of the GPO and scrolls giving a day by day account of the Rising.
Students then moved into the social history side of our Mount Mercy Museum as the interactive part of our day kicked off. A streetscape from the turn of the century was recreated as we had a visit from our local butcher, who showed his traditional wares, a pig’s head, trotters and some tripe. Traditional sweets,scones and fruitcakes were available for the students. Many different household items were displayed as students had to guess their uses, an alter which would have been found in many homes was on display as were older style hurleys.
A hairdressers was available, many girls took the opportunity to relive the hairstyles of the time. Traditional musical entertainment was available, the teachers put on a virtuoso display of dancing as the day progressed.
At the end of the school day all the students congregated at the front of the building to hear a specially composed song by the Second Year Music students. A new proclamation written by Mount Mercy students was read by Niamh Browne. The 1916 Proclamation was read by Morgan O’ Brien, Bean Ui Riordain read ‘The Mother’ by Patrick Pearse, a poem she had previously read on the Fiftieth anniversary of 1916 and the tricolour was raised followed by the singing of the national anthem.
The day was a great success and it created a wonderful sense of commemoration within the school. The importance of remembering our history was emphasised and the commemoration day embellished the students understanding of 1916 but just as importantly it created a connection between the generation of 1916 and the students of today.

Mount Mercy 5km Fun Run


We will be holding a 5 KM Fun Run on April 21st at 7:00PM.

All proceeds will be in aid of the school development fund.

Ticket prices:



Please contact the school for tickets.

All support is greatly appreciated.


All prizes are kindly donated by :

The Rendezvous

Fox Flowers

The Model Farm Aqua Spa


1916 Commemoration in MMC

Mount Mercy College will host a 1916 commemoration day on Wednesday 16th March which is intended to bring the students of the school back in time to Ireland 1916.

Staff and TY students will wear period costumes and there will be a display of art work from students inspired by the event of 1916.

There will also be a presentation on stained glass from the GPO which now is part of the Honan Chapel in UCC, and a series of artefacts from the period including a cheque signed by Patrick Pearse and a gun from the Tipperary flying column.
Students will also be involved in an interactive display as they learn about the sights and sounds of Ireland in 1916, looking at unusual objects from a turn of the century house and tasting some traditional Cork delicacies

It promises to be an entertaining and momentous day to celebrate the legacy of 1916 in Mount Mercy College.

German Movie at Cork Film Fest November 2015

On Tuesday the 10th November 2015, senior MMC students of German attended a special schools’ screening of the German movie “Elser – 13 Minutes” at the Gate cinema in Cork city as part of the Cork Film Fest. This 2015 movie, directed by “Downfall” director Oliver Hirschbiegel, is based on true events.


Georg Elser was a carpenter who tried to assassinate Hitler during his address to a Nazi Party meeting in 1939. However, due to a 13-minute mistiming of a time-bomb, the assassination attempt failed. Elser was subsequently arrested, interrogated and tortured. Through torture, he presented the motivation which led to such drastic action.

Elser 13 minutes (German: Elser – Er hätte die Welt verändert)
Release dates: February 2015 (Berlin), 9 April 2015 (Germany)
Running time: 114 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German
Screened at 65th Berlin International Film Festival

MMC German Tour October 2015

Making history! First Mount Mercy students to ever raise the Mount Mercy College Flag at the summit of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, 19th October 2015

Making history! First Mount Mercy group to ever raise the Mount Mercy College Flag at the summit of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, 19th October 2015


On Saturday 17th October 2015, a group of senior MMC students of German together with their teacher, Ms Loftus, and accompanied by Ms Coughlan, flew from Cork Airport for an adventure in Munich and the Bavarian countryside.

Pictured L-R back row: Ms Loftus(Teacher), Aisling O Donovan, Emma Sheehan, Lea Bennett, Julie O Sullivan, Fiona O Sullivan, Kornelia Bukowska, Alison Devlin (Deputy Head girl), Front row L-R: Clara Bennett and Olivia Savage

Pictured L-R back row: Ms Loftus(Teacher), Aisling O Donovan, Emma Sheehan, Lea Bennett, Julie O Sullivan, Fiona O Sullivan, Kornelia Bukowska, Alison Devlin (Deputy Head girl), Front row L-R: Clara Bennett and Olivia Savage

Upon arrival in Munich International Airport, the group proceeded to their accommodation at Haus International in Munich which was constructed originally for Olympic athletes participating in the 1972 Olympics. This warm and comfortable hostel provided a solid base where the group received daily breakfast and hearty evening meals for the next few days.DSCF1071


On day 1, the group set off on foot and used public transport to get to the Saturday evening ice skating disco in the Olympic Park. This proved to be an evening of great excitement and fun. Navigating the city’s excellent transport system was an adventure in itself and superseded only by the outstanding experience of skating on such a world class rink. Special effects, changing lighting and music make this a real disco experience! Before long, our novice MMC skaters were skating like professionals and enjoying the fun with each other and some new found friends on the rink.





Day 2 commenced with a hop-on/hop-off bus sightseeing tour of Munich which provided an excellent chance to view many famous sights and get a bird’s eye view of the City. This was followed by a visit to the Marienplatz in the centre of Munich where the group got to see the famous Townhall Glockenspiel dance which is performed at certain times each day.

Pictured at Marienplatz in the heart of Munich in front of the 'Rathaus Glockenspiel'

Pictured at Marienplatz in the heart of Munich in front of the ‘Rathaus Glockenspiel’          L- R: Ms Loftus, Clara Bennett, Aisling O Donovan, Alison Devlin, Emma Sheehan, Niamh Busby, Lea Bennett, Kornelia Bukowska, Olivia Savage.

The group enjoyed their first experience of the sights and sounds of Central Munich before visiting the famous landmark church the Frauenkirche (Our Lady’s Cathedral), with its famed “onion towers” where Sunday morning mass was celebrated. The group lit candles in this beautiful church which was restored after World War II. This visit was followed by a trip to the famed Hofbrauhaus restaurant in downtown Munich where the group sampled traditional Bavarian fare for a delicious lunch and marvelled at locals dressed in customary Bavarian costume of Lederhosen and Dirndl. In the afternoon, ice cream was enjoyed in a nearby trendy ice-cream parlour boasting amazing flavours ranging from traditional to experimental. These must be tasted to be believed!




After the refreshment of lunch and ice-cream, the group set off to the Deutsches Museum which is one of the largest science and technology museums of its kind worldwide.

Visiting exhibitions at the Deutsches Museum

Visiting exhibitions at the Deutsches Museum


The museum contained outstanding displays on several floors. A warm evening meal and relaxed evening followed as the group prepared for their special journey on day 3.

The third day commenced with a very early start as the group set off by bus to visit the world famous 19th century Neuschwanstein Castle which is located near Füssen in Southwest Bavaria and near to the Austrian border. Beautiful views of Germany’s largest state Bavaria were enjoyed as the bus journey of approximately 2 hours from Munich deep into the heart of the Bavarian countryside provided ample opportunity to enjoy the landscape throughout the region. Excitement gathered as the alps came into view and the group was thrilled to experience snowfall upon arrival at the fairy tale castle.

Arrival at Neuschwanstein Castle

Arrival at Neuschwanstein Castle


This was followed by a lovely tour of the special castle which is full of weird and wonderful decor and pervaded by a sense of mystery as it was never completed due to King Ludwig II’s untimely death in mysterious circumstances in 1886. The Disney Cinderella castle was inspired in part by Neuschwanstein.

Beginning our tour of Famous Neuschwanstein Castle

Beginning our tour of Famous Neuschwanstein Castle

Surrounding countryside at Neuschwanstein

Surrounding countryside at Neuschwanstein


The group then set off by coach to travel to Zugspitze which is the highest mountain in Germany.

Views on ascent to summit of Zugspitze

Views on ascent to summit of Zugspitze


This was an outstanding experience and represented the pinnacle of the tour for many in more ways than one!The group ascended to the summit of the mountain on a special cogwheel train followed by the glacier cable car. The mountain is 2962 metres high and ears popped on the journey upwards to the peak.

Almost at the peak of Zugspitze

Almost at the peak of Zugspitze!


it was a very special feeling to be surrounded by a combination of snow and sunshine as we raised the Mount Mercy flag on the summit of Zugspitze.

At the summit

At the summit


This was the first time the MMC flag has ever been raised on Zugspitze and was a fitting tribute by our pioneering group to mark both the 50th anniversary year of MMC and our trip to Germany. A celebratory atmosphere was enjoyed throughout this expedition to the mountain peak. Our group then returned to Munich and enjoyed a hearty evening meal at the hostel following an exceptional and unforgettable day.

The final day of our stay arrived and the group set off by coach to Dachau Memorial Site. A very moving experience, visiting Dachau leaves a lasting impact and we were led by an excellent tour guide. The aim of survivors of Dachau concentration camp was to ensure that, by opening it to the public and informing the world of atrocities committed there, that such events would never be allowed to happen again. Sadly, this had not been the case as concentration camps have also arisen elsewhere in the world. Visiting the site of such tragedy makes us think deeply and question ourselves as human beings, however easy answers are not found in relation to this very sad topic.The group returned to Munich deeply affected by this experience.

Upon return to Munich City Centre, the group enjoyed lunch and a few hours shopping around Marienplatz and Central Munich. Trips to famous German department stores and the famed Viktuallien Market were greatly enjoyed. Shopping in Munich is an experience in itself and offers a wonderful range of quality products for every pocket from postcards, souvenirs and trinkets to high end shopping. There was a lovely atmosphere in autumnal Munich and the start of winter was evident in Christmassy trinkets available in the market and in stores. After a fun-filled afternoon, the group returned to collect luggage in the hostel before setting off for the final part of our journey – returning to Munich International Airport.

MMC Group pictured at Munich International Airport for return flight to Cork.

MMC Group pictured at Munich International Airport for return flight to Cork. Teachers Ms Loftus on far left and Ms Coughlan on far right.

A pleasant flight home to Cork ensued. Our group returned home happy and filled with wonderful memories of a special stay. The trip proved to be an exceptional experience and provided for many students both an introduction to Germany and an excellent chance for immersion in the German language and culture. The MMC team spirit, sense of fun, involvement and excellence were clearly evident throughout and the group left a wonderful impression on everyone encountered throughout the trip thanks to their exceptional behaviour. Well done and sincere thanks to all who participated.

In conclusion, and to give you a bite-size flavour of the trip, you will find below a list of keywords and phrases used by students who went on tour to describe their highlights of the trip.

Leaving Cert students of German Alison, Julie, Kornelia, Aisling, Lea and Clara created the following list of highlights using their personal memories, impressions and experiences:
” SKATING – conga line, skate off, walk to ice skating rink, meeting Ms Loftus’ friend (and each receiving gift of German Xmas decoration from her), falling on the ice, making new ice skating friends. HOP-ON HOP-OFF – overview of city, seeing all important sights, Michael Jackson shrine, walking man statue, cylinder ads, architecture. HOFBRAUHAUS – food & traditional dress. ICE CREAM PARLOUR – Euros and Times. DEUTSCHES MUSEUM – ship models, measuring weight in Newtons, hot air balloons, measuring our strength. NEUSCHWANSTEIN – snow on arrival , taking picture of Korean man, classical Memes paintings, meeting Irish Americans. ZUGSPITZE – train up mountain, view, snow, new American friends, MMC flag being raised at the peak, cable car back down. DACHAU – educational, important to learn from the past, black cloud. SHOPPING – selection of shops, souvenirs, Rathaus (Townhall), Marienplatz , cathedral, people stopping to watch the figures in Rathaus Glockenspiel dance, photo shoot of wedding couple. FUNNY MOMENTS – running through U-Bahn, pizza machine, disco, munching food together in the rooms, Lea buying glass cleaners in every shop, Julie’s love of Pretzels, night we stayed up til 3am, scary stories, public transport everywhere, playing pool, playing Fussball, seeing Allianz Arena, paprika chips, german man asking about the ‘times’ i.e. the economy, Lea on ice.

A Trip to Germany

Eine Reise nach Deutschland 

Larisa Sabou, a 5th year student of German at MMC, travelled to Germany during summer 2015, on a 4 week scholarship awarded to her by the German Government. This international scholarship was awarded because of her outstanding Junior Certificate result in German and her interview in German at the Goethe Institut Irland in Dublin in March 2015. In the article below, Larisa describes her trip to Germany.

” Hallo Leute! My name is Larisa Sabou and last summer I travelled to Germany for a month as part of a scholarship programme organised by the German Embassy and P.A.D. ( German Pedagogical Exchange Service).

 Zugspitze : Larisa is pictured in front row 2nd from the right

Zugspitze : Larisa is pictured in front row 2nd from the right

Induction Period
Students from all over the world including Chile, Guatemala, Holland, Estonia, Greece, Armenia, Ireland, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mongolia met in Bonn for a 5 day induction course. Bonn welcomed us with open arms and there we toured ‘das Haus der Geschichte’ (a history museum) . On the first day we also played games to get to know each other and we all became friends so quickly it seemed as though we had always known each other.

We took a day trip to Cologne on day 2 where we had a guided tour. We also climbed the 533 steps of the ‘Kölner Dom’ (Cologne’s world famous gothic cathedral) and the view from the top made it worthwhile !

The next day we took a boat trip to Drachenpfelz where we learned about the legend of the dragon who protects the forest and went hiking. We then returned to Bonn and further explored that city.

On the 5th day we had an ‘international evening’. This was a cultural night where each student presented his/her country’s traditions and folklore. This is one of my favourite memories from my trip to Germany because it was so interesting to see all the traditional food, music and dance from all over the world.

 International Evening: Larisa is in the back row 2nd from left.

International Evening: Larisa is in the back row 2nd from left.



The next 2 weeks were spent in Celle where we lived with host families and went to school every day. I became very close with Lisa, my host sister, and I’m sure our friendship will last a lifetime. My host family were extremely welcoming and made me feel completely at home. They organised so many fun activities such as barbecue parties, shopping in Celle, kayaking on the river, cinema in Hannover, funfair, Heide Park, lazer day and many others. I could not have asked for a better host family!

Attending a German school was a very interesting experience as German schools are very different to Irish ones. Whilst attending school we also took day trips to ‘Autostadt’, a car museum in Wolfsburg, and to Hamburg, where we took a boat trip around the port and visited the ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ museum.


The following week was spent in Berlin! Berlin was my favourite city due to its rich history and colourful atmosphere.

Larisa 2nd from left pictured with Brandenburg gate in background

Larisa is pictured 2nd from left with Brandenburg gate in background

Whilst there, we visited the ‘Brandenburger Tor ‘ (Brandenburg Gate), did a city tour, visited the Eastside Gallery and had a guided trip of the Berlin Wall. Our tour guide was a history teacher, who, at the time of the fall of the wall was our age i.e. 16-17. His tour was the best guided tour we did as he spoke about his own experience at that time in recent history.

We visited one of Berlin’s top universities, the T.U. Berlin. We also took a day trip to Potsdam where we visited 18th century castles which are immaculately preserved.

Back in Berlin we visited the Reichstag building where we got the special opportunity to stand in parliament and see Angela Merkel discuss the Greek Crisis with other MPs.

We went to the ‘Museum Insel’ – a unique collection of museums – and visited the Egyptian museum where we saw the bust of Nefertiti.

We saw a musical called ‘Hintern Horizont’ performed by the official Pankow Orchestra and the Berlin Theatre.

We also took another day trip to Lehde where we had a boat trip on the small lake and fed the ducks.


We spent the next week in Munich. There we went to see Improv Theatre whilst having dinner at a restaurant. We did a guided city tour and enjoyed taking pictures with waiters and waitresses dressed in the traditional costume of ‘Lederhosen’ for men and ‘Dirndl’ for women.

We visited the concentration camp at Dachau. This was probably one of the saddest, and yet most eye-opening, experiences I have ever had.

We enjoyed contemporary dance performances.

We also visited Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain where we had a snowball fight whilst wearing shorts! This was followed by lunch in Austria!

On our last day we visited the famous football stadium Allianz Arena and had a farewell party in a restaurant.

In Summary

This trip to Germany has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life to date. The amount of knowledge I acquired during this trip – not only about the German language, culture and history – but also about friendship, teamwork and about myself is invaluable.

The Germans organised everything down to the last detail and as a result our trip was filled with adventures and discoveries every step of the way, from the moment we awoke each day to the time we fell into bed exhausted each night. The days were filled with a wide range of balanced and varied activities. In short, this amounted to perfection!

The international group of friends I gained through participating in this trip will always be my family just as they were for that month. The friendship we now share cannot be described in words. As we all hugged each other on the last day, tears spilling from our eyes, it was obvious that each of us was leaving a part of our hearts in Germany, a part which we will have to return and reclaim one day!


European Day of Languages celebrated by 1st year Students of German

1st year German class celebrate European Day of Languages 2015 Flags of the 47 member states created by 1st year students of German in honour of the European Day of Languages in September. Each member state is named in German. Can you identify the 47 member states ?

1st year German class celebrate European Day of Languages 2015 in Mount Mercy College. 
Flags of the 47 member states created by 1st year students of German in honour of the European Day of Languages in September. Each member state is named in German. Can you identify the 47 member states ?

Europäischer Tag der Sprachen

26 September 2015

The 47 member states of the Council of Europe are represented by the flags created by 1st Year students of German in the picture above.

On the European Day of Languages which is celebrated every September, the millions of Europeans represented in the Council of Europe’s 47 member states are encouraged to learn more languages both in and out of school.

Knowing different languages helps us to understand each other’s cultures and heritage. The Council of Europe promotes plurilingualism throughout Europe.



Mount Mercy College to launch Catholic Schools Week 2016

Catholic Schools Week will run from Sunday 31 January to Saturday 6 February 2016, and is an all-Ireland annual event which invites Catholic schools to give expression in a special way to the ethos of Catholic education.  The theme for 2016 is ‘Catholic Schools: Challenged to proclaim God’s Mercy’, and this complements the Year of Mercy which was launched by Pope Francis on 8 December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Details of the launch:

Date:                           Monday 25 January 2016
Time:                          10.00am
Venue:                        Mount Mercy College, Model Farm Road, Bishopstown, Co Cork

A Mass will be broadcast by RTÉ on Sunday 31 January to celebrate both Catholic Schools Week and the new Grow in Love religious education programme for primary schools.  Students from Mount Mercy College, Cork, as well as pupils from Saint Pius X primary school in Templeogue, Dublin, will participate in this special liturgy to mark the beginning of Catholic Schools Week across Ireland.

This will be the first time that a school in Cork will host the national launch of Catholic Schools Week.  Representatives from twenty-five primary and secondary schools in the Cork city area will also be in attendance.  Welcoming Catholic Schools Week 2016 Ms Padraigín Ui Riordáin, the principal of Mount Mercy College, said, “We are delighted to be chosen to launch this national celebration of Catholic education.  We look forward to welcoming the wider Catholic community to our school in Cork for this special event.  The words of Pope Francis ‘Mercy is the spirit that awakens us’ will inspire the community of Mount Mercy College to participate wholeheartedly in, and celebrate, this spiritually enriching occasion at a milestone in our school tradition, having just celebrated our Golden Jubilee.”

Ms Ui Riordáin continued, “The upcoming Year of Mercy for the Universal Church, and the official launch of Catholic Schools Week, is an opportunity for us to focus on our traditions and at the same time to look forward with anticipation to our future, to the challenge of proclaiming God’s mercy as we promote tolerance, respect and inclusiveness, whilst we explore the possibilities for all in our daily work and the many charities and causes which we support.”


Runway Rewind

Runway Rewind Poster

Our annual TY Fashion Show will be held on Sunday the 15th Of November in The Oriel House Hotel Ballincollig.

All proceeds raised on the night will go to our two chosen charities , Pieta House and The Jack and Jill Foundation.

The afternoon show commences at 2:30pm

The evening show commences at 7:30pm

Tickets can be purchased directly from the school or at the door on the night.

Adults €10

Students/OAP €5